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Acne No More Review – About The Author:

Mike Walden, author of Acne No More, suffered from acne for almost fifteen years before finally discovering a method to alleviate his pain. He personally experienced the embarrassment, discomfort, and confidence issues associated with the absolute worst cases of acne. This Acne No More review will carefully explore the text of Mike Walden’s eBook and provide a detailed analysis what is included. But before I get to the actual Acne No More review, it is important to understand exactly who Mike Walden is and how this book came into existence.

Acne No More Review – Who is Mike Walden?

acne no more review

Acne Vulgaris

Mike Walden suffered personally from a type of acne known as “acne vulgaris.” For those of you who may not be familiar with the various types of acne, his acne consisted of large painful lumps just beneath the surface of the skin. These lumps were often painful, as you can imagine, and seemed to be focused around his cheeks. As if that were not bad enough, Mike Walden also suffered from csytic acne on his neck, nose and back. Anyone who has ever experienced cystic acne knows that those larger bumps can cause extreme pain, soreness and embarrassment.

Mike Walden had tried just about every treatment he could think of, and visited a dermatologist regularly, but nothing seemed to quite get rid of his persistent acne problem. Some remedies he tried include prescription medication, over the counter ointments, acne lotions, facial cleansers, and even antibiotics like Doxycycline. He even mentions trying some of the more popular methods like Proactive and benzoyl peroxide with less than satisfactory results. Mike mentions in his book that the constant embarrassment of having such a severe case of acne hurt his social life, and he regrets not feeling self-confident enough to have dated or spend much time with friends during his high school and college years.

As you can imagine, it took him almost fifteen years to find the perfect method to get rid of acne, and he outlines his entire method in detail in his Acne No More eBook. As part of this Acne No More review, I was able to speak with Mike Walden and find out exactly how he came to learn the secret of getting rid of acne effectively and permanently through natural acne remedies.

Acne No More Review – How Mike Walden Developed His System

Mike first began laying the foundation for his acne system while overseas in Israel. While conversing with local residents, he heard rumors of a famous man named Elisha Levi who had managed to completely cure himself of various skin ailments using completely natural and holistic remedies. Mike Walden inquired around town and a eventually found a local resident that had a video recording of a recent Elisha Levi interview. Mr. Levi repeated to the interviewer that natural remedies and healthy living are absolutely essential for having healthy skin, because blemishes on the skin reflect medical problems beneath.

acne no moreMike Walden took that interview to heart and returned to the United States where he engaged in more than four years of extensive research into what causes acne and the best holistic approach to discover the absolutely most effective natural acne treatment. While preparing for this Acne No More review, I learned from Mike that he eventually developed a natural system that allowed him to cure his acne, and he has been acne free for more than seven years since. He kept mentioning how blessed he feels to have finally defeated the disease of acne, and has since married and has two children.

When asking questions for my Acne No More review, Mike Walden said that his acne remedies are not new, but the secret lies in the way he integrates several acne treatments in a specific order and time period. Simply follow the steps outlined in the book in the correct order and not only will you be acne free, but he says it will also help you realize how to prevent acne.


I will be providing more related information and writing a comprehensive Acne No More review in the coming weeks. I will cover the system in detail so that you will know exactly what is included. I believe in helping my readers make an informed buying decision! Thank you for reading my Acne No More review, and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

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