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Regardless of your age, if you struggle with unsightly blemishes you are likely in the market for the best acne cleanser on the market. Of course, this comes with its own set of problems, as there are literally thousands of products on the market, both over the counter and prescription that claim to be the best acne cleanser. In an attempt to make it a bit easier for you, we will look at several criteria that go into determining the best cleansers.

Best Acne Cleanser Considerations

Cost Effective

The first test of a good acne cleanser for many people will be pricing. Acne cleansers can work miracles but if they are outside the budget of the consumer, what is the point? That being said you probably already realize that acne treatments do not come cheap; they will definitely cost more than your standard bar of soap!

Easy Accessbest acne cleanser

If you are dealing with moderate to severe acne, you want a cleanser that is easily accessible. While there may be better products available by prescription, these definitely do not fall into the easy to get category. The same theory applies to products only available at specialty shops; you may find yourself out of product or on vacation with no access to your facial cleanser. Of course, if you have found a particular product that works better on your skin than any other it might be wise to lay in a good supply and forgo the easy access.


The most important aspect of an acne treatment is without a doubt results. After all a product can be widely available and easy on the pocket but if it has no effect on your acne you are back to square one. So, how do you determine results without actually using the product first? (which could run into serious money) While trial and error is the best way to determine what works for your skin type, you can narrow down the selections by using other people’s experience. Online reviews and word of mouth are fantastic ways of determining a products worth before you make a purchase.


When it comes to over the counter acne products, Clean and Clear best, meets the criteria set out above. These acne cleansers and treatments are very readily accessible, reasonably priced and have a great track record of effectiveness. As with many other acne, treatment brands Clean and Clear has a complete line of products, from spot treatments to a three-step acne control program. The effectiveness of all these products sets them apart as the best acne cleanser on the market today.


One of the best aspects of the Clean and Clear product line is how quickly it goes to work on acne. According to the manufacturer, users will see clearer skin in as little as 24 hours and with the spot treatments, results are almost immediate! Of course, actual customer experience has the figures at around 2-3 days, but either way you look at it, the results are super-fast.

Dry skin and a burning sensation are both common complaints from users of acne cleansers, particularly the products that address severe breakouts. Clean and Clear products are specially formulated to gently cleanse and remove dead skin cells and access oil.

Have you ever found an acne cleanser you really liked and wished the company also made a spot treatment or moisturizer? With Clean and Clear, you get that and more, from simple astringents to multi step acne treatments; this is a full line of acne treatment and cleansers.


It must be said that Clean and Clear is not the best acne cleanser for everyone. While these products will work for the majority, there are those who have found only temporary relief from breakouts. There could be multiple explanations for this occurrence, such as an allergy to one of the ingredients. Everyone is different and what works for some or even most simply will not work for every single case of acne.

Other Products

Clean and Clear may be at the top of the list when it comes to the best acne cleanser, but that does not mean they are the only player in the game. If you have extremely sensitive skin you may have to dig a little deeper to find facial cleansers and acne treatments that are gentle enough to use on a daily basis. Cetaphil is a line of products that may fit the bill.

Cataphil is a line of products that have been on the market for over 60 years. This company set out with one main goal in mind and that was to create a skin care line that was gentle yet effective. They offer daily facial cleansers, moisturizers complete with SPF protection, body wash and even bar soap. One downside to these products is price, when compared to the Clean and Clear line the price is almost double on many products. In addition, you are left to your own devices to put together your treatment regimen, while Clean and Clear offers a complete treatment package with complementary products.

Acne Facts and Myths

What do you do the minute a pimple arises on your face? Are you tempted to pop it? Most people are and this is in fact one of the worst things you can do. Not only do you risk secondary infection from the bacteria on your hands and nails you can actually push the inflammation deeper into the skin, which will result in an even bigger sore! It is best to never pop a pimple!

Is there a food connection to acne? Mom may have told you that pimples are a result of too much greasy or sweet food, but this is the one time she would be wrong. To date, researchers have found no link between what you eat and acne or other skin conditions. (Other than allergic reactions of course) This does not mean you should go on a pizza and candy bender, but if you do, it will not aggravate your acne.

Have you heard that stress can induce breakouts? This one little tidbit is actually true. Stress affects your hormone levels, which can play a huge role in sebum production. Over production of this oil combined with dead skin cells leads to acne. Who knew that a little more relaxing could actually treat your acne?

Best Acne Cleanser Conclusion

What do you expect from the best acne cleanser? Results may be the first response of most acne sufferers but price and availability are also big points to keep in mind. Acne is most often associated with teens and adolescents who are experiencing puberty; however, people of all ages often deal with acne on a daily basis. Blemishes on the face and worse the scarring that sometimes comes along with them can be devastating to your self-esteem, why continue to struggle with acne when there are effective products on the market?

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