Natural Acne Remedies

Natural Acne Remedies Revealed

Exercise as a Way to Fight Acne

There are many natural acne remedies available. Regular exercise is useful in fighting acne in that it improves blood flow and reduces stress. Aerobic exercise is best for acne reduction, but anaerobic exercise is also useful. Excessive sweating and humidity can worsen acne, however, so it can be a good idea to shower after heavy exercise or exercise taking place in hot and humid weather. Changing sweaty clothes is at least helpful if access to a shower is not readily available. Getting into a regular exercise routine is the thing to do to get the most acne fighting benefit out of exercise. Also, be sure that exercise clothing or sporting equipment used in exercising is not too tight against the body, as otherwise this could exacerbate an acne problem.

Healthy Diet as a Way to Fight Acne natural acne remedies

A low glycemic index diet can also be helpful. This is a diet that avoids too much sugar, refined grains, highly starchy vegetables and high sugar fruits and gravitates toward whole grains, less starchy vegetables, legumes, low sugar fruits and dairy products, though skim dairy products are not a good idea. Fat and protein have no effect on acne, so these are okay. Fat can actually be useful in a low glycemic index diet, as fat can help offset some of the negative effect on the body of sugar. Of course, it also easy to overdo fat intake. Eating a healthy, nutritious diet in general can also be useful in fighting acne, and so can getting the right amount of zinc in the diet especially – not too little and not too much, as acne can be a sign of zinc deficiency. It is easy to get enough zinc in a low glycemic index diet, however, if enough healthy vegetables and whole grains are eaten.

Other Natural Acne Remedies

Getting some sun can also be helpful against acne, but sunburns must be avoided – they can worsen acne. It can also be helpful to mildly clean and exfoliate the skin. Proper hydration and getting enough sleep are additional factors that help in fighting acne. Two topical treatments for acne are tea tree oil and aloe vera. Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the plant Melaleuca alternifolia, and it can be useful in dealing with acne when applied to the skin topically. Tea tree oil causes fewer side effects than benzoyl peroxide, which is another common acne treatment. Another topical acne treatment is the herb aloe vera, which also exhibits few side effects. Stress can exacerbate acne, so fighting stress is an important part of fighting acne. Regular exercise, a healthy diet and adequate sleep can all help tremendously with stress. Deep breathing, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, yoga, T’ai chi, Qigong, massage, music and laughter are also common anti-stress activities.

More on Fighting Acne

It is generally a good idea to try many different ways of fighting acne yourself, and try them persistently, before seeking a medical professional to treat acne. More heavy-duty treatments tend to have more side effects and may not be necessary to keep the acne under control. Experiment with different ways to self-treat acne and see what works for you, and try not to worry too much if it takes some time to find the right treatment or combination of treatments and for the right treatments to take effect. One piece of good news concerning acne is that unlike most diseases it tends to get better on its own with age instead of getting worse, so it should get easier to control acne with time instead of harder. More ways to deal with acne are also being researched all the time, so more options in treating it will always be opening up.

Acne and Psychology

Acne can be harmful to self-esteem and can even contribute to depression, but it can be helpful to be aware that acne will not last forever and that keeping it under control is generally not very hard to do with a little bit of time and effort. Therapists can also help if psychological issues relating to acne are getting too out of control. Many ways to treat acne are also helpful with it comes to improving self-esteem and helping to prevent depression. Exercise is very important here, and so is staying clean, getting enough sleep, reducing stress and eating a healthy diet. There are also acne support communities present on the Internet that can provide social support in dealing with acne-related problems and also lots of advice in how to treat acne. Helping someone else deal with their own acne problems can also deepen your understanding of how to deal with your own acne. Also, remember that acne is not a serious medical condition, and is not life-threatening. A calm approach to dealing with acne is best, since a stressed-out approach would only make it worse.

Simple Ways to Deal with Acne

When dealing with acne, it can be a good simple rule to avoid messing too much with the skin. Avoid getting anything oily on, avoid setting anything too tightly against it, avoid touching it too much and avoid scratching it or otherwise irritating it. Be careful when shaving and be sure not to pick at acne or otherwise bother it. Be sure to wear clean clothing and change bed sheets and pillow cases often enough to avoid them getting too oily. Also stay clean in general, though be careful not to overdo it. No scrubbing of skin and no using harsh skin cleaning or skin care products like soaps. Keep hair clean too, and avoid using harsh hair care products. Cosmetics and other skin care products like moisturizers should be non-comedogenic, which means that they should not clog pores and worsen acne. Dry skin can be a side effect of dealing with acne, since acne tends to come along with oily skin and making the skin less oily can help to treat the acne. Moisturizing the skin and protecting the skin against the damaging effects of too much sunlight are okay as long as ways used to do so are non-comedogenic. Make-up should be removed at night, and in general nothing oily or greasy should be on the skin for long unless it also non-comedogenic.

The Anti-Acne Lifestyle

This may sound like a lot, but really it can be very easy to make the lifestyle changes useful in dealing with acne. It can help to remember that acne is a very common problem, with hundreds of millions of people around the world dealing with it at any given time. Acne is certainly not a life-destroying problem in any way; just an annoyance to be dealt with in a calm and controlled fashion. Acne also certainly does not destroy social lives, as it is such a common problem that happens quite a bit even in adults. Again, too much stress in the way you approach dealing with acne can actually make the acne worse in itself, so it is very important to learn to relax in dealing with acne and to relax in general as a way of treating acne. Acne can be treated, so try not to worry about it excessively.

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